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Keep Software Up to Date

Restart & Reboot

RESTART-REBOOT your computer is best to do because it fixes minor glitches, installs necessary updates and it frees up ‘memory’ that allows your computer to operate faster & more efficiently. A DAILY Reboot is a GOOD practice but WEEKLY WORKS WELL! Glitches are those ‘weird/unexplained’ things like: your computer seems slow, your documents aren’t printing quickly or not at all, your computer screen
is “freezing” regularly or internet searches are taking longer. Not rebooting your computer is like buying your favorite ice cream and leaving
it sit out on your kitchen table. After a while the ice cream melts down and becomes a hot mess!
MORAL OF THE STORY: it can be avoided by doing the right thing! Put the ice cream in the freezer and RESTART YOUR COMPUTER! Both take about 2 minutes. ** With all the recent hacking attempts its best to stay on top of all your software updates!**

Create Secure Passwords

FBI Reccomends

Passphrases for your Passwords. Phrases are much harder to crack. Create a phrase that is easy for YOU to remember. It may be longer than a typical password, but it’s easy for you to remember. Until websites catch up – they will likely make you use at least 1 capital letter, small case letters and a number in your Passphrase.

  • 13CamAhasthemostHATTRICKS!
  • SMITTYKeepitintheshortgrass05!
  • YPHPhrasesarethebest4712!

Alexa is Listening

Data Collection

Every word you say to Alexa is sent to Amazon’s cloud service to be automatically transcribed before it can respond to your request. However, that’s where it gets worse. Amazon has hired a team of people around the world to analyze snippets of conversations that Echo devices secretly record and upload (without the user’s consent) to the cloud, claiming it will improve Alexa’s “customer experience”. Unfortunately, the data is not really being anonymized and can be traced back to the actual owner of the smart speaker.

Safely Connect to Public Wifi

Prevent Wifi Fishing

Have you ever tried to connect to public Wi-Fi and seen multiple network names that are similar but not the same? HiltonGuest versus HiltonGuests, for example. This is a tried-and-true man-in-the-middle attack used by hackers—dubbed Wi-Phishing—which tries to trick you into logging into the wrong network to get to your info. Most people don’t take the time to check, and jump on the strongest, open signal they see. But you should always check that you pick the legitimate network.

Older IT Workers Left Out

Old Tech Struggling

Many older tech workers say they are frustrated that they can’t find jobs despite the talent shortage.Older information-technology professionals are being passed over by employers, even as IT job openings soar to record highs and employers say recruiting tech talent is a challenge.
The largest gap occurs among workers ages 35 to 44. They make up 29% of the IT workforce, but just 21% of the overall national workforce, said Tim Herbert, CompTIA’s senior vice president for research and market intelligence.

Back Up Your Data

Back That Data Up

Hacking is on the rise! Why you ask?

  • Cybersecurity is very costly to many businesses
  • Your stolen data is being sold and is a money maker for the hacker
  • Everything is automated and more code is easier to find
  • Cyber Many public & private companies are still running outdated technology

It may not seem like a big deal, until you suffer a loss. Trying to recover ‘lost and/or corrupted data’ will likely cost more money and time than you expect.  A backup can be done manually or automated via a service. 

If you are good at creating a back-up schedule and sticking with it, then carry on. Don’t forget to back up your contacts and emails. But, if you want help, price shop for an automated service that fits your budget. If you want a suggestion, please email.