Your Professional Helper, Ltd (YPH) is a Columbus, Ohio time saving solutions company, specializing in IT Technical Support, Office Support, Executive Concierge and Personal Assistant Services.  We offer time saving solutions and a helping hand.

Your Professional Helper, Ltd (YPH) was established in 1999 and resides in the Franklin County area but we can provide service across the United States We assist corporate and residential clients. We provide technical expertise in completing those special software projects that you or your staffs don’t have the time or expertise to handle. We complete business or personal errands and we organize your corporate office or home office. We save you time and money by providing time saving solutions. You gain a sense of peace and control!

Call YPH and we are “virtually” where you need us. Special arrangements can be made to come to your site.

 Print Marla Jones is Founder and President of Your Professional Helper, Ltd., with 20 years’ experience as an Information Technology system analyst and project manager. She earned the prestigious certification as a Master Virtual Assistant. Her experience in Information Technology has helped to hone the skills and qualities needed to assess, evaluate, organize, manage and complete a project in a timely manner. Being a good listener and communicator are key to producing a win-win situation for all involved.

YPH and its employees are professional, prompt, focused and with an eye on the details. Also our employees are bonded and insured. .

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