Executive Concierge Services

Executive Concierge Servicescropped-bigstock-Concierge-sign-19846457.jpg

Allows extra time to focus on more important matters.

In the past, a concierge service was only found in exclusive hotels, but now concierge services are available to individuals and businesses. What can a concierge service do for your business?

Through our network of suppliers and connections we can:

  • Plan employee activities for your office
  • Pick up those monthly/quarterly office supplies
  • Support for those large office meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Entertainment plans for out of town office guests
  • Errand services and resource (service) locators
  • As a Perk: Give the timesaving gift of the Concierge & Errand service to a client or an employee.

We offer a few suggestions for high peak work times or special events:

  • For accountants during tax season, plan for a caterer home cooked meal, chair massages in the office, dinner packages delivered to the office to be taken home and shared with family.
  • Contact the ‘Buck-I-Guy to come to your office during football season
  • Plan an ice-cream social
  • A special ‘foodie’ day for the office